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Welcome to Badgett's Coffee eJournal
"All the Coffee That's Fit to Print"
Issue No. 9 - July 21, 2000

In This Issue:

1. Welcome
2. Coffee Field Trip to Costa Rica
3. Some Words From Our Sponsors
4. What Is decaf anyway?
5. Say Later to Caffeine Laden Latte
6. Coffee Fest and NASCORE Invitations
7. Spam Legislation
8. Evolution of a Coffee Junkie
9. A Little Humor
10. Hearthware Roaster Review by The Coffeeman
11. Coffee Basics
12. A Bit of Caffeine Trivia
13. Links to My Friends
14. Feedback


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1. Welcome!

My friends, welcome and thank you for inviting me onto your screen.
I know I will get some angry email over this, but I'm not including any
articles about modifying popcorn poppers this week. I still have more
on the subject by Dung Truong, and I have a new article about the
Westbend Poppery II by Jeffrey I. Mielke. I ran out of room in this issue.
If you want them right away, please email me and I'll send them to you.

I am working on the Past Issues page of my website. These issues will soon be
available in Adobe Acrobat Format (i.e., PDF format) and readable with the Adobe
Acrobat Reader. In the meantime, I will be happy to send them to you upon

If you are planning to attend either the Coffee Fest or NASCORE
conventions, check out the offer for free tickets from Granita Guru.
I went to a recent Coffee Fest convention and I recommend it highly.
Be sure to register for the seminars ahead of time because they fill up fast.
If you need info about either, email me.

I really appreciate all your feedback. I get both negative and positive
messages and I read and respond to them as promptly as I can. Thanks
for taking the time to write. One request, please let me know in your
message if it is okay to publish your remarks. I would never publish
your email address, but I will use your first name. If you want me to
use your last name or your website link, let me know.

If you enjoy an article here, let me know and I will pass along your
comments to the author. Many of the writers here are not in the
coffee business in any way and they deserve our appreciation for
their hard work. As you get to know the coffee community better you
will find as I have that most folks are really good about sharing their
knowledge and experiences. They realize that we all benefit when more
people are "converted" to good coffee.

I've had some feedback requesting basic coffee information. The
complaint has been that some readers are just starting out with
this coffee thing and they want some basics, so check out "Coffee
Basics." (Catchy title, don't you agree?) This week I start with water
and roasted beans, which are the two best things to start coffee with.

Thank you for staying with me and helping this journal to grow. New
subscribers are signing up every day and I'm getting more and more
help from feedback and referrals.

My goal with this journal is to promote good coffee. I want to learn,
educate, and entertain. I publish every Friday via email and readers
include coffee consumers, home roasters, coffee geeks, retailers,
growers, roasters, and equipment dealers. If you want to learn more
about our wonderful beverage, this is the place. I don't sell anything
and subscription is free.

If you want to advertise here or submit an article, contact me.
I don't charge for ads, links, or advice.

Please visit my newly rebuilt website at

Help make this journal bigger and better. Forward this issue to
anyone who enjoys good coffee, and then write a story, an article
about coffee and send it to me. I promise you will feel better
for helping.

You have my permission to forward any issue to anyone, as long as
you send the entire issue, but please obtain permission before
sending any part of an issue.

If you recently subscribed and are missing past issues that are
not yet on the website, please contact me and I will send them
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DISCLAIMER: All information contained here is obtained by
Badgett's Coffee eJournal from sources believed to be accurate
and reliable. Because of the possibility of human and mechanical
error as well as other factors, neither Badgett's Coffee eJournal
nor its publisher, Robert L. Badgett, is responsible for any errors
or omissions. All information is provided "as is" without warranty
of any kind.

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2. Costa Rica Coffee Field Trip

We are planning a wonderful trip to Costa Rica and need your
input. We are looking at either 7 or 10 days, depending on what
you want. The trip will focus on coffee plantations but there will
be ample opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sights of Costa Rica.
If you need more info about Costa Rica, visit a travel agent or
one of these excellent websites:

3. Some Words From Our Sponsors :)

The Coffee Project has one pound capacity fluidized air bed coffee
Roasters for sale. They actually roast a little more than that so
you finish at just about a pound of roasted coffee. The heat source is
from propane or natural gas. We will be sending the first orders out in
September. This is a great machine for a small coffee shop, or possibly
church groups or organizations that go through a lot of coffee.
There's also a lot of potential for cottage industry coffee roasting here!
Available in red, $1695. For more info visit the website and contact
James at The Coffee Project.




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On the rolling hills of the Upper Kaleya Valley, Zambia lies the
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4. What IS decaf anyway? by Barbara Gerard, for The Coffee Project

It's close to the end of a dinner party you've hosted for your closest
friends. Yes, this means it's time for the piece de resistance -- fresh
roasted coffee! You're pouring the bright green beans into the roaster
when one guest queries "Do you have any decaf?"

Why yes, as a matter of fact, you do. When you pull out your supply of
green decaf beans the physical differences between regular and
decaffeinated beans is striking. Compared to the unprocessed beans,
which are plump and green, the decaf appear stunted: and shriveled,
with a brownish tint, almost as if they were already roasted. What path
have these beans traveled to lose that component called caffeine, and
take on this striking difference?

Most caffeine-free coffee that we find here in the States has made a
side trip from its growing region to a decaffeinating plant in
Switzerland, Germany, or Holland. Here the beans are processed by one
of two basic methods (although there are many patents for removing
caffeine from coffee beans, those that are currently used fall into one
of two categories).

One method is called Direct Contact. Here the green beans are soaked in
very hot water for several hours. After draining, the water is
transferred to another tank where it is combined with a chemical solvent
(usually methylene chloride) that absorbs much of the caffeine. The
solvent is much lighter than the water, so the caffeine-laden solvent is
easily skimmed off. Since the water still contains the important oils
it is then returned to the first tank, where the green beans reabsorb
the water and oils.

Some individuals are concerned about the possible consumption of
residual chemicals while enjoying their cup o' decaf. Although
methylene chloride has not been implicated in any known disease, the FDA
has limited the quantity of the solvent to ten parts per million in
ground coffee. Your supplier of green decaf should be able to tell you
the average remaining in theirs. In an attempt to assuage fears, it is
pointed out that the FDA limit relates to green coffee beans, and
methylene chloride is quite volatile when exposed to heat -- it
vaporizes at 104F. After the beans are roasted (400F) and brewed
(200F), there's only a trace of methylene chloride left...if any.

The other popular method is commonly referred to as the Swiss Water
Process. In 1979 a Swiss firm named Coffex S.A. introduced its
process which uses water only -- no chemical solvents. In this
relatively expensive process the beans are soaked in very hot water. As
with the Direct Contact Method, the water leaches out the caffeine along
with oils and other flavor components. Rather than using a solvent
which the alkaloid (caffeine) adheres to, the Swiss Water Process uses a
charcoal filtration system that removes only the caffeine. The beans
are then returned to the water, where they are reconstituted.

So which method is better? The answer falls within the realm of
personal choice. Many people feel the Direct Contact Method maintains
the oils and other materials important to a coffee's flavor much better
than the Swiss Water Process. Others think the Swiss Water Process
produces a fine cup, with no risk of ingesting a chemical that we may
discover causes health problems somewhere down the road.

My only suggestion is that decaf beans not be the ones you parade around
the table as you seek new converts to home roasting.

The Coffee Project. For reproduction contact The Coffee Project

Visit The Coffee Project at

"We must adjust to changing times and still
hold to unchanging principles." Jimmy Carter.

5. Say Later to Caffeine Laden Latte

Company Introduces Soyfee's Choice,
First 100% Organic Soybean Coffee Alternative

NEW YORK - Will Soy Espresso be the next big taste trend in
coffee shops? It will if Marina Kushner has anything to say about it.
Kushner is founder of Soy Coffee Roasters. The company recently
started selling a soybean and caffeine free blend called Soyfee's
Choice via its web site ( Kushner is also
pitching the product to coffee distributors in the New York market.

"I enjoy drinking coffee and went looking for a healthy alternative.
With all the interest in soy, an organically grown soybean product
seemed like a real winner," said Kushner.

She worked with a company that tested a variety of roasting techniques
for soybeans. The blends were tried on her husband, friends and relatives
for fresh brewed taste and aroma.

"Our product is unique in that our customers can actually munch
on the coffee grounds after the coffee is brewed. The grounds are
perfectly healthy, and contain all the health benefits of soy like
vitamins, isoflavones, genistein and daidzein. Nothing is lost in
the brewing or roasting process."

Who is the ideal soy coffee drinker? The company is marketing
Soyfee's Choice to a health conscious consumer who might be
trying to eliminate caffeine from their diet. Decaf drinkers who
already purchase more expensive Swiss Water Process Method
decaffeinated coffee and women considering soy supplements for
relief of menopausal symptoms are also seen as potential drinkers
of Soyfee's Choice.

Soyfee's Choice comes in four flavors including: original non-flavored
and dark roast, french vanilla, hazelnut, almond amaretto and mocha.
Soyfee's Choice can be purchased whole bean or ground.
A 10 oz. package is $9.95 plus shipping (starting at $5.95).

The company accepts mail order purchases via their website at

Soy Coffee Roasters
2881 W.12th St 11C
Brooklyn, NY 11224 USA

"Peace, n. In international affairs, a period of cheating between two
periods of fighting." Ambrose Bierce, The Devil's Dictionary, 1906.

6. Coffee Fest and NASCORE Invitations

For the Coffee Fest and NASCORE conventions, I have invitation
cards that will be good for two attendees. Anyone interested may
send their address to receive these invitation cards in the mail. In
the case of Coffee Fest the card saves $30.00 ($15 each attendee).
The NASCORE pre-registration cards are to be used for pre-registration
by mail. Using these cards saves $10 for each attendee.
( On-site registration is $25).

Any businesses using granita machines and having problems due to
frequent breakdowns or expensive repairs should attend seminar on
"Do it yourself preventive maintenance on Granita machines".
Ask any problem questions on granita machines and see if you can
stump the speaker!
Ahmed Hussain
The Granita Guru

"The Republicans have their splits right after election and the
Democrats have theirs just before an election." Will Rogers, 1930.

7. Spam Legislation

Anyone getting more than a little tired of all the spam in your email?
Well, it looks like someone is listening in Washington because the
House of Representatives recently passed anti-spam legislation.

In a vote of 427 to 1, House lawmakers almost unanimously passed
H.R. 3113, the Unsolicited Electronic Mail Act, which bans spam
unless it includes a return e-mail address that recipients can use
to opt out of getting further unwanted messages.

"My experience through life has convinced me that, while
moderation and temperance in all things are commendable
and beneficial, abstinence from spirituous liquors is the best
safeguard of morals and health." Gen. Robert E. Lee, 1869.

8. Evolution of a Coffee Junkie

Granddaddy loved coffee. He carried grounds with him wherever
he went. He was known to have built a fire and brewed a batch in a
hubcap when he had forgotten his pot. This potion was reviewed
as pretty awful. For us kids he poured coffee, boiled in a metal pot
on the stove, into a saucer, mixed it liberally with cream and sugar
and spoon fed us. Our mother was dismayed but it was wonderful.
I come by my love of coffee honestly.

My first cup with the adults, forty plus years ago, was strong electric
perked Louisiana coffee laced with chicory. I had a refill, maybe two
and my quest for a tastier cup began.

Three years ago this mission shifted into high gear when I bought a
coffee grinder. I obsessed. I read and studied. My niece had inherited
a preference for better coffees and offered me guidance and volunteered
for cuppings. At that time the supply of arabica beans in nearby
groceries was more limited than today. We live over 100 miles from
the nearest premium roast coffeehouse. So the tasting of different
varieties of coffee is less than convenient. I joined coffee of the month
clubs and and now wait at the mailbox for the orders to arrive anxiously
hoping they will live up to the tastes that the advertised descriptions tout.
They usually do. I cup varieties a pound at a time.

I brew my coffee in a French press. I think Granddaddy would approve.
I imagine I will start roasting my own soon. And I have toyed with the
idea of growing my own.

Herb Johnson

"It is neither wealth nor splendor, but tranquility and occupation,
which give happiness." Thomas Jefferson, 1788

9. A Little Humor

A man opened the barber shop door, stuck his head in, and asked,
"How long until I can get a haircut?" The barber looked around his
crowded shop and replied, "About two hours." The man left. The
next day, the same man stuck his head in again and asked, "How
long until I can get a haircut?" The barber looked around and
answered, "About an hour and a half." The next day, the same thing
happened, and when the man left, the barber asked a friend in his
shop to follow that guy so he could see what was going on. After 20
minutes, the friend came back, laughing hysterically. "What happened,
where did he go?, asked the barber.
"He went to your house", the friend answered.

10. Hearthware Precision Roaster Review by The Coffeeman

Overall Rating: ****

This unit is great for the home roaster. It has an excellent design and
is very easy to use and maintain. You can control the type of roast with
a turn of a dial on the front of the unit.

Simply place beans in roaster. Select type of roast. Press start button.
Roaster will roast and cool the beans. Cleanup is easy but be careful
not to drop the center chaff ring as it is not permanently attached to

We roasted 100 batches in the Hearthware and had no problem. The beans
were evenly roasted which is a credit to the design.

Rating Guide:
***** - Outstanding
**** - Good
*** - Adequate
** - Will work
* - Boat anchor

Capacity 1/2 cup

Visit The Coffeeman:

"The reason grandparents and grandchildren get along
so well is that they have a common enemy." Sam Levenson

11. Coffee Basics

Start with good water. Test your tap water against bottled water
to see which makes the best coffee. Most tap water does not make
better coffee, but test it before deciding you must have bottled
water. If you buy roasted beans, insist on fresh roasted. Ask the
roast date before buying. Roasted beans are best if used within
two weeks, so buy only what you will use. Don't store roasted
beans. No matter what storage method you use, they just do not
store well. Buy it, grind it, brew it, and drink it.

The Internet is a vast source of coffee knowledge. Start with
my website's Links Page and visit the websites listed. That is just
a start for there are many hundreds of great websites on coffee.

12. A Bit of Caffeine Trivia

Tea leaves contain about twice as much caffeine as coffee beans.
But since a pound of tea leaves produces more beverage than a
pound of coffee beans, the tea we drink contains less caffeine. On
average, a cup of tea contains one-third to one-half the caffeine in
a similar cup of coffee. These averages are deceiving, since some
of the stronger teas, such as Twining's English Breakfast, has
more caffeine than some coffee.

13. Links to My Friends

I now have a Links Page on my website, so please take a look
and visit my friends often. You'll find lots of good coffee sites and
even a few non-coffee sites.

14. Feedback

Tell me what you think. What do you want more of..less of...what would
you change, add, or delete?

Please direct all inquiries, comments, article submissions and
suggestions to: Robert Badgett

(c) Copyright 2000 Robert L. Badgett. All Rights Reserved.


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