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Welcome to Badgett's Coffee eJournal
"All the Coffee That's Fit to Print"
Issue No. 7 - July 7, 2000

In This Issue:

1. Welcome
2. Coffee Field Trip to Costa Rica
3. Some Words From Our Sponsors
4. A Little Humor
5. Readers' Comments
6. Di Frances Company at the New York City Fancy Food Show
7. Granita Guru
8. Home Roasting by Dung Truong
9. Coffee-Fest-Seattle
10. Robert's Chocolate Coffee Truffles
11. Links to Our Friends
12. Feedback

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1. Welcome!

Welcome and thank you for inviting me into your Inbox. What a great Independence Day
holiday! It was difficult having to get up Wednesday morning and put shoes and socks on. I
almost forgot how. We had lots of friends and relatives visiting for the holiday, probably
since I live an 8 minute walk from the Atlantic Ocean. I used the opportunity to win over
many of them to good coffee. (at least I hope they weren't just being polite when they raved
about my home roasted coffee.)

I had Costa Rican Terrazu and Ethiopian Harrar Horse to show off with and I didn't let the
opportunity pass me by to gain some converts. One of my guests told me I reminded him of his
college days when the "heads" on campus were always trying to get everyone to "just try it."
I guess I get carried away sometimes. (if you don't know what "heads" are, ask your dad)

My goal with this journal is to promote good coffee. I want to learn, educate, and
entertain. I also want to get goodies from coffee vendors for readers. I publish every
Friday via email and readers include coffee consumers, home roasters, coffee geeks,
retailers, growers, roasters, and equipment dealers. If you want to learn more about our
wonderful beverage, this is the place. I don't sell anything and subscription is free.

I need your help in making this journal better. I need good stories and articles about
coffee. Ads are easy to get because I don't charge for them. I don't charge for anything,
so coffee retailers can get good exposure for no cost. But I don't want to be just a
collection of coffee ads. I want you to share your experiences with coffee so others can
learn and be entertained. If you have a favorite coffee vendor who might have an article to
submit, please let him or her know about us.

Please visit my newly rebuilt website at It will be revised and
improved often so if you can't get it the first time, please try again. You can find Past
Issues, Coffee Links, subscribe/unsubscribe, and much more to come. If you recently
subscribed, and are missing past issues that are not yet on the website, please contact
me and I will send them to you. You can also send the page or the link to a coffee-loving
friend. You'll be doing two people a big favor with just one link, your friend and me!

If you or someone you know would like to contribute an article, please contact me at

DISCLAIMER: All information contained here is obtained by Badgett's Coffee eJournal from
sources believed to be accurate and reliable. Because of the possibility of human and
mechanical error as well as other factors, neither Badgett's Coffee eJournal nor its
publisher, Robert L. Badgett, is responsible for any errors or omissions. All information is
provided "as is" without warranty of any kind.

To subscribe or unsubscribe, click here:

2. Costa Rica Coffee Field Trip

We are planning a wonderful trip to Costa Rica and need your input. We are looking at either
7 or 10 days, depending on what you want. The trip will focus on coffee plantations but
there will be ample opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sights of Costa Rica. If you need
more info about Costa Rica, visit a travel agent or one of these excellent websites:

3. Some Words From Our Sponsors :)

FREE COFFEE! Mention Badgett's Coffee eJournal and get 1 POUND FREE with purchase of
5 pounds from Caffé Roma. Visit us at

Small coffee roasters are perking up all over the country, recreating styles and blends
which were nearly impossible to find just a few years ago. The quality of these blends
remains unparalleled by those of the giant coffee companies. However, it is difficult to
experience these wonderfully fresh roasted coffees because the roasters are scattered all
over the country. That is until now! BetterBeans.Com is committed to finding the best
coffee roasters in the nation and delivering their coffees fresh to your door each month.
Visit our site at BetterBeans.Com to learn more about our unique service.
Support your local roaster!

The eCoffeeShopTM at is your one-stop online shop for coffees, baked
goods, and coffee-related merchandise including t-shirts, mugs, thermoses, and jewelry! We
even carry commercial espresso machines, grinders, and water softeners for those interested
in opening their own coffee establishment! Place an order in the eCoffeeShopTM during the
month of July, and you'll be entered to win a Java Man t-shirt courtesy of Bingwear!
Check us out today at:

4. A Little Humor

A woman from the deepest, most remote part of the state goes into the local newspaper office
to see that the obituary for her recently deceased husband is written. The obit editor
informs her that the fee for the obituary is a dollar per word. She pauses, reflects and
then says, "Well, then, let it read, 'Billy Bob died'." Amused at the woman's thrift, the
editor says, "Sorry ma'am there is a seven word minimum on all obituaries." A little
flustered, she thinks things over and replies, "In that case, let it read, 'Billy Bob died -
1983 Pick-up for sale'."

5. Readers' Comments

Karen wrote: "what's with all the "man" humor? it's not very funny at even a ha-ha level
and i fail to see what it has to do with coffee. a humor corner's fine, but you seem stuck
on the same topic every issue, perhaps a little variation if you're going to have it?"

Stephen wrote: "Just wanted to say that I like the way I received this issue. It was nice
to get it with out having to download. I could not use any of the hyperlinks because they
were black. But still it was nice not to have to down load the issue. And it was a very
pleasing issue to read. Lot of good stuff! I liked the part about the slang for coffee. Take
care and thank you for sending it!"

John wrote: Good Morning All,
Just a heads up, nothing more. It is solid fact NOT urban legend that Josephus Daniels did
outlaw alcohol aboard Navy ships and coffee ended up taking its place as a replacement
beverage of choice. He was SecNav not the CNO. For your perusal, the following is taken from
the fifth edition of Naval Ceremonies, Customs, and Traditions By William P. Mack and Royal
W. Connell p. 256:
On May 23, 1872, Congress made provision for the liberal issue of coffee and prescribed its
use-"an additional ration of coffee and sugar to be served at his [the seaman's] first
turning out..."
"General Order 99", of June 1, 1914, signed by Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels,
prohibited "the use or introduction for drinking purposes of alcoholic liquors on board any
navy vessel..."
I have something of Type A personality when it comes to historical detail and the World's
Greatest Navy, of which I have been a member fifteen years. Coffee is the last vice it will
allow me. As I type I am sipping some freshly ground, vacuum brewed Puerto Rican coffee.
Everybody keep up the good work. John Dupee sends from the as yet hurricane-free Spanish
Main of Puerto Rico

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Linky & Dinky rule!


6. Di Frances Company at the New York City Fancy Food Show

New York (July 6, 2000) - Fine specialty candies are coming to New York City. The
DI FRANCES COMPANY will be sharing its wonderful candies with the gourmet conscious people
of New York. The candies will be on display at the 46th Summer NASFT Fancy Food Show, from
July 9 through July 11. The candies featured at the show will be:

Jewels of the Titanic - Espresso beans deliciously soaked in rich milk chocolate and creamy
raspberry chocolate. Great as an anytime snack or as a pick-me-up during a busy day.
Treasures of the Titanic - Refreshing chocolate covered dinner mint with a solid 'all
natural' real honey crème center. Ideal and soothing after a satisfying dinner or brunch.

Customers keep coming back for these exceptional bona fide gourmet candies from Wisconsin.
"The Jewels of the Titanic are absolutely delicious!" says Rosemary Johnson a retail
customer. She raves about the candies by saying, "I am not a coffee drinker, but I could
eat these chocolate covered espresso beans like popcorn. The chocolate is obviously of high
quality, and the raspberry flavor is unique and superb!"

These candies are also wonderful for their sophistication of presentation, which is
necessary for that special look. The eye catching label pairs very well with other fine
products. These candies can be displayed at dinner parties, executive meetings,
fundraisers, and gifts.

The growth of technology allows Di Frances to share these wonderful candies with anyone,
anywhere in the world, at any time. With the company's new and exciting web site and
on-line shopping, these candies are readily available.

These premier candies are the perfect compliment to a cup of coffee, a dessert, garnish or
individual snack. This line of chocolate and accessory products provides an excellent
source for gift and impulse sale items.

These delectable chocolates are offered in a beautifully packaged five ounce cello bag or
in five pound bulk.

Check out these candies and other fine products available from Di Frances Company, at the
Fancy Food Show - booth #5604.

208 East Oak Crest Drive o Suite 200 o Wales, WI 53183
Phone: (800) 445-9417 or Fax: (262) 968-9854
Website Email

7. Granita Guru

We sell and service espresso machines and frozen beverage dispensing machines (Granita and
or slush machines). We specialize in selling machines, full line of parts inventory and also
offer technical support to retailers, service providers and dealers. I invite subscribers
and other visitors to ask questions regarding equipment problems and troubleshooting help.
There is also little time with new business entrepreneurs to research on choosing the right
equipment. Generally, the sales reps and exclusive dealers will sell equipment based on how
much they can make per sale. They will talk about efficiency of equipment under optimum
conditions. Preventive maintenance and other helpful information are not provided for fear
of losing the customer. This in my opinion is not fair to the ignorant or ill-informed
buyer. Perhaps this eJournal could make available that second opinion. I speak at seminars
especially on Granita machines and on increased profitability from frozen beverages retail.
My next seminar is at the Coffee Fest to be held in Seattle in September and next after that
at NASCORE in October to be held in St. Paul, MN. I notice a tremendous vacuum in general
information on preventive maintenance and merchandising of products. Please visit my website
at: I have come a long way through a rough terrain to be where I am and
would love to share my experience and do my best to help anyone who needs it.

Ahmed Hussain
Granita Guru

8. Home Roasting by Dung Truong

(Continued from June 30 Issue #6)

I later ended up plugging up this hole completely in favor of having more hot air for
roasting larger loads. The on-off switch locates on the yellow bottom half, right below
this side opening.

The white plastic cover is not heat resistant. It will melt and burn if hot air blows right
onto it - It doesn't smell good and probably not very healthy to inhale either. I always
have to maintain an even clearance space all around the top bakelite tube insides the
chamber for one of the earlier model of this popper - one touches and the white plastic
burns to brown. Heat escape from the 3 vertical slits at the tops of the bakelite tube can
also burn the white plastic part to the same degree. The later Popcorn Pumper models have
several "spacers" added to the insides of the white opening tube to maintain this clearance
spacing on its own. The yellow plastic is of the same material, but it doesn't contact with
the direct heat; so, there should not be a problem with this part.

Inside the opening at the top is a 2" tall black bakelite tube sitting on top of a 2" tall
cast aluminum roasting chamber; so, the total height of the roasting chamber is about 4"+.
If a clear glass tube is installed on the top instead of the yellow plastic chute, the beans
will be visible all the time at 45-degree down-angle view, and half way through the roast,
the coffee beans will be fully visible as they are thrown up in the air insides the glass
tube, giving a full view of the coffee beans and its color to inspection. The air from the
fan comes out through angled vents at the bottom wall of the roasting chamber and creates a
cyclone of rising hot air insides the chamber. The airflow is very strong such that it will
move 5 oz of the coffee beans freely without manual stirring. I have tried 6 oz of coffee
beans and I still didn't have to manually stir the beans either - but the beans moved
slower, the roasting time was a little shorter, and the roast was slightly less even because
of the much heavier load. I once tried 7 oz and the beans moved very slowly; so, I tilted
the popper by 30 degree or so and the beans moved better, and a little bit later, I put the
popper back to its normal position when the beans moved much better on its own - still no
manual stirring, but the resulted roast was even less even, even though this is not
necessary a bad thing: It can be a positive or negative effect depending how one likes
his/her coffee roasted. As such, roasting the largest-size coffee beans pose no problem
with popper. At the center of the bottom is a dome that encourages the bean to move around
its center point better.

The fan insides are driven directly by 110v AC current, but it was wired to be
interconnected with the heating element (both are either on or off). Isolating them is easy
just by moving one of the fan's wires to different tap so that it's always on. The
thermostat locates right on the outsides of the upper roasting chamber; so, the wire can
also be bypassed easily to defeat the thermostats. On some models, this thermostats can
also be adjusted to cut off at a higher temperature range such that the beans will be
protected from too high of a temperature insides the chamber and roasted too quickly. The
heavy cast aluminum chamber gives this popper much more steady temperature during roasting,
but this makes the bean cool down by the popper impractical: It takes just too long (a
couple hours) for the heavy metal to cool off on its own; so, the cooling has to be done
outsides of the popper.

Next Week: Westbend Poppery I & II

9 Coffee Fest

(Continued from June 30 Issue #6)

Complete with five separate educational classrooms, the show will also feature a strong
emphasis on attendee education. Coffee Fest Training sessions, included in admission, will
range in topic from coffee retail success strategies and marketing to coffee cupping and
extraction. Coffee Fest Training takes place between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m., so it does not
interfere with the exhibition hours of 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. The Seattle show will offer over
30 free classes, presentations and workshops included in admission.

Coffee Fest also offers the Specialty Coffee Business Seminar designed to help entrepreneurs
enter and succeed in the business. The three-day course has taught over 750 people how to
open, compete and profit from a specialty coffee cart, kiosk, drive-thru or cafe. Separate
registration is required.

Coffee Fest, which is headquartered in Seattle, also recently introduced a revised website
and Cyber-Expo, which is located at The sight is dedicated to an
on-line trade show that now features over 100 exhibitors in all categories of the specialty
coffee and gourmet tea industries. The Internet site also provides information on attending
or exhibiting at future Coffee Fest trade shows and registration information for the
Specialty Coffee Business Seminar.

Hours of the trade show are 12 p.m. to 5 p.m., Friday and Saturday, and 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. on
Sunday. While primarily an industry trade show, Coffee Fest will be open to the public on
Sunday! Children under 16, including infants, are not admitted entrance to Coffee Fest.
Admission to the trade show is $15.00 per person to pre-register or $25.00 per person at the
door, which is good for all three days and includes Coffee Fest Training Sessions. For more
information please call (800) 232-0083 Ext.13.

Next Week: Seminar Training Session Schedules

10. Robert's Chocolate Coffee Truffles

1 can (14 oz) Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk
3/4 cup (1 1/2 sticks) butter (do not use margarine)
3/4 cup Hershey's Cocoa
1 tablespoon vanilla extract
2-3 tablespoons ground coffee
Cocoa & cinnamon mixture

Melt butter in saucepan over medium-low heat. Add cocoa, stir until smooth. Add milk and
stir while heating until smooth and shiny, about 5 minutes. Remove from heat and stir in
coffee and vanilla. Refrigerate 4 hours or until firm. Shape into thumb size balls, rolling
between palms. Keep hands cold in ice water. Roll balls in cocoa-cinnamon mixture, place in
small paper cups, and refrigerate 2 hours, until firm. Yummy (plagiarized and adapted from
"Hershey's Chocolate Lover's Cookbook")


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11. Links to Our Friends

Caffeine Archive

Coffee/PER, Inc.

Granita Guru

1st Line Equipment, LLC

Di Francesco's

The Coffee Project

Ditting Grinders

Coffee/Tea Website at with Guide Melanie Uy


The Coffee Store

Café Campesino

Doxpress, Inc. Imprinted Coffee Mugs
Contact us for low prices on printed bags!!!

For more coffee links, please visit my website. It's new and sometimes "under construction",
so bookmark so you can come back often.

12. Feedback

Tell me what you think. What do you want more of..less of...what would you change, add, or

Please direct all inquiries, comments, article submissions and suggestions to:
Robert Badgett


(c) Copyright 2000 Robert L. Badgett. All Rights Reserved.


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