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Welcome to Badgett's Coffee eJournal
"All the Coffee That's Fit to Print"T
Issue No. 55 January 11, 2002

In This Issue:

1. Welcome
2. Some Words from Our Sponsors
3. Visionary Vermont company gives $100,000 to broadcast Coffee
Kids vision
4. A Daily Dose of Wisdom from the Rebbe
5. The Balancing Syphon, A Renaissance In Tableside Coffee
6. Reader's Comments
7. Money
8. Hello from Lars in Sweden
9. What is the difference in foamed and steamed milk?
10. Links to My Friends
11. Feedback


1. Welcome

I had a spiritual moment recently. I upgraded to from ME to XP
and everything works! Well, almost everything. I then wiped the
hard drive on my old PC and reinstalled Win95. Now it doesn't
lock up every time you take a breath. My son has the old one and
now has a PC he can use without having to call me every two

Long issue this week. Use your scroll bar to find what you want.
I'll skip my usual windy and pedantic intro so you can get
started. I'm running late and I know you are getting anxious.
There will not be a test.

My goal with this journal is to promote good coffee. I want to
learn, educate, and entertain. I publish every other Friday via
email and readers include coffee consumers, home roasters,
coffee geeks, retailers, growers, roasters, equipment dealers,
and anyone else who shares our passion for our most wonderful
beverage. If you want to learn more about the fascinating world
of coffee, this is the place. I don't sell anything and
subscription is free.

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2. Some Words From Our Sponsors

White Horse Coffee & Tea: Microroastery and Fine Art

Located in scenic Sutherlin, Oregon, we are a microroastery and
blend small-batch roasting of premium arabica coffee with fine
art. Aside from an extensive selection of fine coffees and
loose-leaf teas, we have a beautiful art gallery with original
oil paintings by Kristin Lusk. Please visit us at


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"He who loves his wife as himself and honors her more than
himself, who guides his sons and daughters in the straight
path.of him it is said, you shall know that your house is at
peace." Talmud

3. Visionary Vermont company gives $100,000 to broadcast Coffee
Kids vision

Santa Fe, NM-The visions of three innovative, socially
responsible businessmen converged in Waterbury, VT on June 6
when Robert P. Stiller, President and CEO of Green Mountain
Coffee, Inc., presented a check for $102,113 to Coffee Kids
founder and executive director Bill Fishbein. The donation-the
largest in Coffee Kids' history-will underwrite production of an
episode of The Visionaries, an Emmy-nominated public television
series designed by producer/executive director Bill Mosher of
Cape Cod and Sheffield, MA, to tell the stories of individuals
and organizations working to create positive social change
throughout the world.

Founded in Rhode Island and with operations now based in Santa
Fe, NM, Coffee Kids works to improve the quality of life in
coffee-growing communities in Central America and Mexico. Its
community-based, economic development partnership programs will
be profiled nationally when The Visionaries launches its ninth
season in May 2002.

"Green Mountain Coffee seeks to make the world a better place
for present and future generations by operating in an
environmentally and socially conscientious manner," said
Stiller, noting that the donation from the Green Mountain Coffee
Foundation represented contributions from many of the company's
500 employees. "As long-time supporters of Coffee Kids, we are
delighted that their work to improve the quality of life for
coffee-growing families will now be shared with a wide national

"The real visionaries are the families who maintain hope in the
face of day-to-day struggles that are impossible for us to
comprehend," Fishbein said on June 10, announcing the donation
and broadcast at a homecoming reception at the Providence, RI
coffee house he founded with his brother in 1984. "The real
visionaries are the children who harvest the coffee berries and
yet persist in going to school, and the women in the micro-
credit savings and loan cooperatives. They save 50 cents a week
and then create small businesses- from sewing to midwifery to
selling sweets, tortillas, or Tupperware. The success of these
programs is really their success. This is self-managed
development that doesn't require a huge front-end investment of
dollars, but produces remarkable improvements in self-
sufficiency and quality of life."

The Rhode Island native founded Coffee Kids in 1988 after
visiting small coffee farmers in Guatemala and observing the
contrast between their living conditions and his own. "They were
living vibrant lives in poverty, with a sense of community and a
spirit that is absent in our own lives," he said in an interview
cited in Mark Pendergrast's Uncommon Grounds, The History of
Coffee and How It Transformed Our World (Basic Books, 1999).
"Every time I visit, I wonder which side is more
impoverished.... there seems to be far more life where coffee is
grown than here where it's sold, despite all our economic

Coffee Kids has grown into an economic development organization
that works with local partners to develop sustainable community-
based education, health care, and economic development programs
in Mexico, Costa Rica, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Its projects
are based on principles of sustainability and respect for the
cultural integrity of its local partners, with notable successes
to date in facilitating micro-lending cooperatives that enable
women to create alternative businesses and lessen their
families' dependence on the fluctuations of the international
coffee market.

Since its premiere in 1995, The Visionaries series has filmed in
35 countries on six continents, including 45 cities in the U.S.,
and has aired on 262 public television programs in 47 states.
Hosted by Sam Waterston, the series was created by Bill Mosher a
decade ago, after he witnessed "the magic that occurs when one
human being helps another." Mosher's desire to spread positive
news about ordinary people performing extraordinary acts of
kindness and courage eventually evolved into the innovative
television series, which has been recognized with industry
awards including an Emmy nomination. Convinced that Coffee
Kids partnerships make a tangible difference in coffee-growing
communities, The Visionaries production team plans to film
programs such as GMAS, Groups of Women in Saving Solidarity, a
micro-credit and empowerment program in Coatepec and Huatusco in
Veracruz, Mexico; Hijos del Campo, a children's education
program in rural areas of Costa Rica; and an expansion of the
GMAS project adapted to the needs of communities in Nicaragua.
Coffee Kids' support comes from individual members, foundations,
and coffee businesses such as Green Mountain Coffee, Inc. A
leader in the specialty coffee industry, Green Mountain Coffee
has been recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the "Best 200
Small Companies in America." The Company roasts high-quality
arabica coffees and offers over 60 varieties including single-
origin, estate, certified organic, Fair Trade, signature blends,
and flavored coffees that it sells under the Green Mountain
Coffee Roasters̉ brand. The majority of Green Mountain Coffee's
revenue is derived from its wholesale operation that serves
supermarkets, convenience stores, offices, and other locations
where fine coffees are sold. Green Mountain Coffee also operates
a direct mail business and an e-commerce website
( with secure on-line ordering for
customers from its Waterbury, VT headquarters.
# # # # #


Coffee Kids
Suzanne Garney (505) 820-1443,

Green Mountain Coffee
Rick Peyser, Director of Public Relations, 866-881-7475

Marlea Regan, Producer, 781-893-3943,
Susan Rutkowski, Media Relations, 617-994-4246,

"It is the character of very few men to honor without envy a
friend who has prospered. "Aeschylus (c. - 456 BCE)

4. A Daily Dose of Wisdom from the Rebbe
-Words and condensation by Tzvi Freeman

Pushed From Behind

We are told there is nothing limiting us, no force that holds us
captive other than a fiction of our imagination. But what, then,
of the forces of nature, the limitations of a human body, the
hard reality we smash ourselves against while trying to walk
through walls?

Yes, they do exist. But they are not what they seem to be. As
your soul pulls forward, they pull her inward, towards her
deepest, strongest self.

Brought to you by

"When I sell liquor, it's called bootlegging; when my patrons
serve it on silver trays on Lake Shore Drive, it's called
hospitality." Al Capone

5. The Balancing Syphon, A Renaissance In Tableside Coffee


It must have been the late 1850's. Franz Josef, Emperor of
Austria, King of Hungary, was hosting a Royal banquet with his
lovely young Empress Elisabeth, whom we all know from the movie
"Sisi". All the courts of Europe were invited at "Schoenbrunn",
the summer palace of the emperor and the hub of royal social
life. It was a grand occasion, reflecting the wealth and power
of the Hapsburgs.

It was here that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart gave his first concert
at the age of 6. Afterwards, according to Mozart's father, he
threw himself onto the empress ample lap and gave her a kiss.
(but that's another story)

In the 18th and 19th century, the pleasures of the table reached
new gastronomical heights with the discovery of different and
exotic foods and spices. Table settings became more elaborate.
At each course all the different dishes were placed on the table
at the same time in exactly prescribed locations. The Kings,
Queens, Dukes, Dutchess, Barons and Baroness would help
themselves to whatever was near at hand without moving the
dishes, and if necessary pass their plates to their fellow
aristocrat to get food that was out of their reach. This meant
it was impractical for these noblemen to sample all the dishes
so it was important to have an interesting selection of foods
near each guest.

Each course had the same number of dishes and as many dishes as
there were in one course, so many baskets or plates the dessert
had. This important feast might have had up to eight courses,
dessert included. There was no lack of good cheer and five hours
at the dinner table was a reasonable latitude with a company
this numerous. Servants numbered more than one to each guest.

After this very elegant dinner the table was prepared for
desert. Elaborate deserts were in vogue in the 19th century. As
Horace Walpole wrote, "All the geniuses of the age were employed
in designing new plans for deserts."Gardens, pastoral scenes
were evoked firstly in sugar to provide a backdrop for the fresh
and sugared fruits, sweetmeats, jams and creams. Such excess was
meant to overwhelm the royal guests

Then, just as with the previous courses different desserts were
placed at the table at the same time in exactly prescribed

But, the enormous interest in coffee making in the early 1840's
had its own consequences. Fashionable Europe moved to something
new, silver- and goldsmiths were competing to supply the courts
with exciting and elaborate contraptions to present the new
delicacy - and Franz Josef and Elisabeth had a surprise for
their royal company. They had commissioned a Parisian goldsmith
to supply them with a great number of balancing syphons. Silver-
and gold smiths were famous for creating objects designed for
solemn ceremonies or receptions. They were renown for creating
magnificent silverware to be used at sumptuous banquets. They
avoided any monotony or repetitiveness in their creations. High
and low reliefs were particularly widely used in decorating.
These pieces of art impressed the esteemed guests with their
exuberance, splendor and magnificence. Renaissance, Baroque and
rococo styles all got mixed up.

Vienna, the capitol of the Austro-Hungarian Empire became one of
the greatest jeweler centers of the world in the 19th century,
and the Viennese silverware in the so-called "second rococo"
style was to be found all around Europe.

The superior merits of the balancing syphon hardly needed
stating. It was extremely safe, it was completely automatic and
it had offered a great opportunity to doctors, mathematicians,
pharmacists, coffee proprietors as well as glass makers, silver
and goldsmiths to try their improvements to the balancing syphon
which showed that it was possible to make a perfectly simple
design very complicated.

Its appearance was only half the story. This tabletop coffee
brewer was remarkable and a marvel to watch. It used the forces
of nature, fire, steam, pressure and gravity to brew the best
coffee they had ever tasted.

It held guests spellbound. "O-h's" and "A-h's" were heard as the
gleaming, spigoted canister pivoted up, as boiling water flowed
trough the pipette into the fine crystal glass, while the Bunsen
burner closed automatically, which cooled-off the canister,
creating a vacuum, syphoning back the coffee from de glass and
lowering the kettle again in the correct serving position.
All automatic, all in a matter of minutes.

This may explain why it became such a great success. The courts
marveled:"They had never seen anything quite like this!"


Boiling water is pushed through the metal pipette. By the time
the water reaches the grounds, it has cooled a few degrees. The
result: coffee and water meet at the perfect temperature to
extract the oils and flavors, but not so hot as to impart
"scorched" taste.

The beauty of this process is that the coffee is brewed by
extended contact with water at exactly the right brewing
temperature, the temperature is maintained throughout the
process, and then the coffee is immediately separated from the

The system traps the delicate aroma and flavors in the closed
canister to produce a coffee unlike any you've ever tasted. The
bitter grounds stay in the glass carafe by way of a gold filter
at the end of the overflow pipe.

There are no paper filters to impart a slightly papery taste, or
even worse, to take up the aromatic oils that give the different
coffees their unique taste. The coffee from a syphon can best be
described as "crystal clear", with great purity of flavor and
aroma and no bitterness added by the brewing process. Any faults
in the coffee flavor will also show up, so syphon users tend to
gravitate to the best beans they can find. The reason you should
use a coffee syphon to brew in, is that they are simply the

No other brewer can give the same purity of flavor and lack of
bitterness due to the exquisite temperature control, since the
coffee brews about 2 degrees Celsius below boiling point,
without ever actually boiling.




No coffee maker is as versatile as a vacuum coffee brewer. This
exquisite system lets you brew the finest flavored, spiced or
spiked coffees or teas.

Only your imagination is the limit. There is a wide variety of
liquors, spices and syrups that can be added to the coffee
grounds to create your own exotic concoctions.

Some liquors to choose from:

Amaretto,Baily's Irish Cream, Benedictine,
Brandy,Drambuie, Kahlua, Old Vienna, Tia Maria.

Spices you can use:
Anise, Cacao powder, Cinnamon sticks or ground, Cloves,
grated peal from lemon or orange, peppermint, vanilla.

Butterscots, chocolate, chocolate mint,French vanilla,
ginger,peppermint, raspberry and so many more...

Use one, or combine them all.

Bailey's -Craem de Cacao Coffee.
3 Oz. premium, dark roast, medium ground coffee
1 Oz. Bailey's Original Irish Cream
1 Oz. Creme de Cacao
1 tablespoon Frangelico

Black Forrest Mocha.
3 Oz. premium, dark roast, medium ground coffee
1 Oz. chocolate syrup
1 Oz. bing cherry syrup
1/2 Oz. grand orange syrup
milk (can be added now or individually, later)

Rum-Brandy Tea.
3 tablespoons of black tea.
1 Oz. rum
1 Oz. brandy

As of today, no coffee maker equals the balancing syphon in
brewing the purest coffee. One of the most stylish, inspiring
and exclusive ways to make coffee is with a balancing syphon.
The "alchemical" display of kettle, pipes and counterweight, are
guaranteed, just as it did for Franz Josef and Elisabeth, to
impress friends and relatives, while also making a darn good if
not perfect cup of coffee, Balancing syphon systems appeal most
to those who value academic novelty and ceremony as much as the
corporeal pleasures of taste and smell.

The rules and customs associated with dining have changed over
the years, but Anthelme Brilat Savarin's "Maxims for dining",
published in the early 19th century still holds true: "When you
invite a man to dinner, never forget, that during the short time
he is under your roof, his happiness is in your hands."
With a balancing syphon at the table, your success is guaranteed.

A good source for these hard to find balancing siphons is Royal
Accoutrements in Michigan.


"The greatest thing in family life is to take a hint when a hint
is intended and not to take a hint when a hint isn't intended."
Robert Frost

6. Reader's Comments

I'm sorry, but I do not buy that article on the coffee farmers.
It is an attempt to eliminate market forces and drive up the
cost of green coffee beans as OPEC does with oil. A "voodoo
economics or Reaganomics approach" is a sort of situation in
which supply drives demand and a producer can control the market
to their own liking. This just creates a platform so certain
individuals can cash in. I do not want to argue about this and
this will be my last discussion sent to you about this. There
are millions of Americans that "do not make living wages" here
in the US. My city is a prime example where common American
citizens can not make ends meet. The gap between rich and poor
in the US keeps increasing. People need to start worrying about
their own families in the US and quit crying about some
individuals who feel they are not making enough money somewhere
else. This article is a pathetic, bunch of bull malarkey!!


Daily Lift #943 Choose A Wise Self-Image

Self-image is how you view yourself. In reality it is easy to
view yourself the way others view you. But ultimately it is you
who selects which view you will accept. Some people access the
view of negative individuals and make it their own. This is not
a wise choice. Select the views of those who realize you are
created in the Almighty's image, you are a child of the Creator,
and the world was created for you. Why settle for anything less?
And make certain that the one individual whose opinion makes the
most difference in your life views you in this way. That person
is you.

(From Rabbi Pliskin's new book, Serenity, p.58, available from

7. Money.....

It can buy a Bed
But not Sleep

It can buy a Clock
But not Time

It can buy you a Book
But not Knowledge

It can buy you a Position
But not Respect

It can buy you Medicine
But not Health

It can buy you Blood
But not Life

So, you see-money isn't everything.
And it often causes pain and suffering.

I tell you all this because I am your Friend, and, as your Friend, I want to take away your pain and suffering....

So, send me all your money
And I will suffer for you.

Cash is fine.

"Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your
own reputation; for 'tis better to be alone than in bad
company." George Washington

8. Hello from Lars in Sweden

Hello and a happy new year to you!

My name is Lars and I am an espresso lover from Sweden. I have
recently started a web site called The Espresso Guide, which is
meant to help other lovers of espresso to find the best bars on
the planet. All espresso bars on the site have been added,
reviewed and rated by visitors to the site.
It's very easy to add your own review of a place that you would
recommend to others. It would be great if you could contribute
by adding your favourite bars. Please drop in at,

If you like the site, spread the word :)
If you have any comments or question please drop me a line. My
mail is

Best regards

"A leader is a dealer in hype." Napoleon Bonaparte

9. What is the difference in foamed and steamed milk?

Milk Chemistry

Milk is comprised of fats, proteins and sugars. The milk
proteins are agents for milk foaming. When the air is
introduced forcefully to the milk the proteins form a film
around the air to create bubbles. The fats will tend to inhibit
and then break down the foaming process, although whole milk
will tend to have a softer foam than non-fat because of the fat
content. Milk that has been "fortified" - where proteins have
been added back into the milk - will tend to foam more easily
and to greater volume than milk that has not. This is why non-
fat milk, which is almost always fortified, will froth to the
greatest volume because of the high protein and low fat content.

It is best if milk frothing is started at 40 degrees F. Once
the milk temperature has reached 161 degrees F and maintains
that temperature for 15 seconds it has effectively been
pasteurized. Any bacteria that may have been present is killed.

Steamed Milk

Steamed milk is milk that has been heated and is the same
consistency as cold milk, i.e., all liquid and no bubbles or
foam (froth). Milk can be heated in several different ways,
however using the steaming wand on your espresso machine is a
quick and easy way. Care must be taken to ensure adequate
circulation occurs during the steaming process or you may scald
the milk and diminish the flavor quality. By keeping the wand
below the surface of the milk, you will not allow any air into
the milk and no "frothing" should occur. Do not save any extra
milk after steaming that you do not use. Discard all unused milk.

Frothed Milk

Frothed milk has had air forced into it so that it has a foamy
By placing the steaming wand barely below the surface of the
milk, the circulation of the milk will draw in air and combine
it with the milk, creating a foamy froth. The texture may vary
depending upon how the air was introduced and how long the
frothed milk was allowed to sit.
Different textures are desired for different drinks and
sometimes combinations of textures are used for multiple layers
of drinks.
Mastery of the creation of frothed milk can only be accomplished
by practice, practice and more practice!!

Robert's Note: This article first appeared in the Oct. 6, 2000
Issue #20

"I do not want people to be very agreeable, it saves me the
trouble of liking them a great deal." Jane Austen

10. Links to My Friends

Visit the links page on our website to get the latest links to
both coffee related and unrelated sites of interest. If you
would like to add your link, please contact me. Check it
out. You might find some old friends and make some new ones.

"On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good and
not quite all the time." George Orwell

11. Feedback

Tell me what you think. What do you want more of..less of...what
would you change, add, or delete?

Please direct all inquiries, comments, article submissions and
suggestions to: Robert Badgett

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