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Welcome to Badgett's Coffee eJournal
"All the Coffee That's Fit to Print"T
Issue No. 45 July 27, 2001

In This Issue:

1. Welcome
2. Some Words from Our Sponsors
3. Kona Coffee, Chocolate & Thai Food
by David MacDonald
4. A Daily Dose of Wisdom from the Rebbe
5. Feedback
6. Feedback on Starbucks Boycott
7. Importance of Heating Your Espresso and Cappuccino Cups
by Jim Piccinich, 1st-line Equipment, LLC
8. Iced Coffee Recipe
9. Caffeine: Physical and Psychological Effects
10. Links to My Friends
11. Feedback


1. Welcome

It's summertime. Time for iced coffee and reruns. (You'll find
both in this issue.) I don't understand why the coffee business
goes into a slump during the summer. I don't change my coffee
consumption in the summer, do you? If anything, I use more
coffee, probably because we have more visitors this time of the
year and if you visit my house you have to drink my coffee.

I've had a few delays in the last two issues. I have a new
computer and a new ISP, but everything is back to normal now. I
love my new computer. (Well, maybe "love" is a little strong. My
other one is over six years old, so you can imagine the
difference. I also switched to cable broadband. If you have the
opportunity to "go cable", by all means, do it.

Thank you for subscribing, and for staying subscribed. I've been
fussed at by some and congratulated by others for my recent
discussions of the politics of the coffee world. I enjoy
learning about these matters but I don't want to "wear out my
welcome" with you folks. I will have more discussions that I
hope will interest us all. I'll try to not overdo it, though.
For those who couldn't care less about the political issues,
thanks for your patience.

My goal with this journal is to promote good coffee. I want to
learn, educate, and entertain. I publish every other Friday via
email and readers include coffee consumers, home roasters,
coffee geeks, retailers, growers, roasters, equipment dealers,
and anyone else who shares our passion for our most wonderful
beverage. If you want to learn more about the fascinating world
of coffee, this is the place. I don't sell anything and
subscription is free.

If you want to advertise here or submit an article please
contact me for the ad rates and deadline schedule.

DISCLAIMER: All information contained here is obtained by
Badgett's Coffee eJournal from sources believed to be accurate
and reliable. Because of the possibility of human and mechanical
error as well as other factors, neither Badgett's Coffee
eJournal nor its publisher, Robert L. Badgett, is responsible
for any errors or omissions. All information is provided "as is"
without warranty of any kind.

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2. Some Words From Our Sponsors

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3. Kona Coffee, Chocolate & Thai Food
by David MacDonald

I was at a conference recently on the Big Island of Hawaii and
made a few discoveries that I wanted to share with the group.

Kona Purple Mountain ( I got the
opportunity to meet with Donna Stiles and her husband Sean and
visit their farm in the Honaunau region of Kona. Donna and Sean
are New York transplants who came to the Big Island over 25
years ago. Soon after their arrival to Hilo, they met a man who
needed help with his coffee farm in Kona. Having nothing to
lose, they joined him and started working on the property. A few
years later, they bought the property and have continued to
produce coffee, year after year improving their skills in
quality and yield. For most of the past 25 years, they sold
their coffee cherries to other Kona coffee companies. But over
the past few years, they have focused on highlighting their
product as an estate coffee and selling direct to green and
roasted coffee buyers. They have eight acres of coffee and grow
at 2000 feet. Their production is limited, but this allows them
to focus on producing premium quality coffee. Despite this,
their prices are very reasonable. Donna and Sean are one with
their land and one with their coffee. I very much enjoyed
spending time with them.

The Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory (still working on his
website, but it should be ready soon at

Bob and Pam Cooper are the owners of this outfit and are
transplants from North Carolina. Bob gave us a tour of his
facility and orchard. Bob is intriguing and tenacious. He has
sunk his entire being into producing exquisite quality chocolate
all made from cocoa beans grown on the island (mainly from his
property). The property is in Kailua-Kona. He produces plain
bars of dark chocolate and milk chocolate. All the processing is
done on location. The chocolate is luxurious. It's not cheap
($8.50 for a 1/4 lb. bar, $32 for a 1 lb. bar), but true
chocolate addicts won't mind the price. Bob gives tours, but by
appointment only. His number is 888-447-2626.

Kona Taeng-On Thai: If you are walking around Kona and pass by
the Kona Inn Shopping Village, consider stopping at Kona Taeng-
On Thai restaurant. It is upstairs and overlooks the street. The
food is incredible, especially their Pahd Thai and their
Pineapple Fried Rice. Of course, you should get a Thai Iced
Coffee to top off your meal. Their number is 808-329-1994.

It was great to meet so many people in Kona and the Big Island
who were drawn to the Island in strange and mysterious ways. I
guess the Island called out to them. There does exist an
incredible spirit on the Island that has to be experienced. If
you visit Pele, please remember to bring her a gift - chocolate,
coffee, flowers, etc. You can leave it on the rim of the crater
at the lookout point.

Take care,
David MacDonald
White Horse Coffee & Tea Co.

"The real winners in life are the people who look at every
situation with an expectation that they can make it work or make
it better." Barbara Pletcher

4. A Daily Dose of Wisdom from the Rebbe
-Words and condensation by Tzvi Freeman


A good barometer to determine whether something will be of
benefit materially is whether it is the proper thing to do
spiritually. A business venture that implies breaking your moral
principles will also be detrimental materially.

At times, we experience tremendous pressure when our ethics seem
to stand in the way of success -but this is only an illusion.
The spiritual and the material are in conflict only to our
subjective eyes. In fact, they work in harmony as one.

Brought to you by

"There is no kind of dishonesty into which otherwise good people
more easily and frequently fall than that of defrauding the
government." Benjamin Franklin

5. Feedback

From: "Christine Sheppard"
Subject: GM Coffee
Date: Saturday, July 14, 2001 1:41 PM

Thank you for the article on GM Coffee (New Coffee Breed
Threatens Farmers).

If you think small farmers worldwide should be worried, imagine
how we small farmers on the Island of Hawaii feel! Most of us
are on 5-10 acre smallholdings where we lovingly, but labor-
intensively, cultivate and hand-pick our Kona estate coffees.
Not only is it a Hawaiian company that is developing these
genetically modified coffee seeds, but they are likely to test
grow them on University of Hawaii agricultural research lands
right here in the Kona Coffee Belt.

NO ONE knows what the likelihood of cross-pollination is. How
can we be sure OUR orchards are not contaminated? What will be
the future for organically certified coffees - how far from GM
fields would they have to be? There are no restrictions on
planting GM crops so how will we know if a neighbor plants them?
The questions go on and on, but no one seems responsible for
finding answers to them. All I can get from UH staff is "it
several years away yet". But we have seem what has happened to
GM corn - it has crept into every aspect of our food supply
without most of us even being aware it existed.

Europe and Japan have the right idea - ban this stuff until we
KNOW all the ramifications. If GM coffee contaminates the
Hawaiian crop, (America's only domestically grown coffee
including one of the world's gourmet coffees, Kona) then not
only will the small grower here have even more of a fight to
survive than we do now, but huge markets worldwide will be
closed to our product.

Keep up the good work of informing us as this debate progresses.

Christine Sheppard
Dragon's Lair Farm
100% Kona Coffee
Phone 808-328-7345
Fax 808-328-8972

"The gambling known as business looks with austere disfavor upon
the business known as gambling." Ambrose Bierce

6. Feedback on Starbucks Boycott
From: "Young McQueen"

Tell me again the mechanism of my not buying Starbucks coffee is
going to help the coffee farmer faced with ruin due to low
coffee prices?

If I though it would I would. 95 % of coffee produced is a pure

Your blaming Starbucks and Nestle for buying a commodity at the
market price is pure naiveté.

The problem is SUPPLY and DEMAND of a COMMODITY with an

Starbucks is helping DEMAND, which is helping the price be
higher not lower.


"When your work speaks for itself, don't interrupt."
Henry J.Kaiser

7. Importance of Heating Your Espresso and Cappuccino Cups 1st-line Equipment, LLC

Most new home baristas wonder why their espresso or cappuccino
beverages are not as hot as those served in commercial
establishments. The reason is that most commercial
establishments have their cups pre-heated for hours on the top
of the espresso machine. The heat from the espresso machine's
boiler dissipates upwards through the top grill to heat many
cups simultaneously.

Many home baristas forget the importance of heating the cups
prior to serving delicious espresso-based beverages. The
temperature of the espresso-based beverage can lose 'as much as'
75 degrees F due to non-heating of the cups. Although most home
model espresso machines have cup warmers, the time needed to
warm a few cups will be greater than the time desired by most
home baristas.

Therefore, we recommend "flash heating" of your cups when using
a home model espresso machine. For STEAM driven espresso
machines, please pour hot boiling water half way into each cup.
Please be careful as to not burn yourself. Remove the hot water
prior to pouring in your espresso or frothed milk. An
alternative is to place your cups half filled with water into
the microwave.

On PUMP driven espresso machines, use the hot water from the
machine to pre-heat your cups. This can usually be accomplished
through the grouphead or the steam wand. We ask you to follow
your manufacturer's instructions for proper operation to
accomplish this task since there are many different espresso
machines that have different procedures. The added benefit of
removing hot water from your espresso machine is that you are
flushing more water though its system... Therefore, you are
keeping the machine cleaner internally.

Finally, heating your cups for espresso only is more important
than for cappuccino and latte beverages. The reason is that an
espresso extraction has far less critical mass (.75 - 3.0 ounce)
than steamed/frothed milk, which is used for cappuccino and
latte beverages. Due to less critical mass, the extracted
espresso will lose heat much more quickly.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Jim Piccinich 1st-line Equipment, LLC
Espresso and Cappuccino Machine Home and Commercial Models

This article was published in Issue #3, June 9, 2000

"Life is a romantic business. It is painting a picture, not
doing a sum -- but you have to make the romance, and it will
come to the question how much fire you have in your belly."
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

8. Iced Coffee

It's summertime and many folks enjoy iced coffee and other
coffee-based summer drinks. Please send in your recipe so we can
all share the treat.

Robert's favorite iced coffee: Make a pot from 50% to twice the
normal strength in the morning and allow to cool first, then
store tightly covered in the refrigerator until ready to serve.
Fill a tall glass with crushed ice, and put two teaspoons sugar
and a capful of vanilla extract, then fill about halfway with
whole milk and fill the rest with the fresh, strong coffee from
the 'fridge.
Sometimes I top with a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Ummm Good!

"There's no reason to be the richest man in the cemetery. You
can't do any business from there." [Harlan] Colonel Sanders

9. Caffeine: Physical and Psychological Effects

Caffeine is classified as a methylxanthine, along with
theobromine and theophylline. Of these three chemicals, caffeine
had the greatest stimulant effect on the central nervous system
and the skeletal muscles, and the least effect on the
cardiovascular system

Absorption of caffeine is rapid. Its effects take about 30
minutes, which is the time the peak blood levels are reached.
Maximal central nervous system effects take about 2 hours and
caffeine's half-life is about 3 hours. (Remember the 10-2 and 4
ads for Dr Pepper?) It is metabolized almost completely, with
only 10% or less being excreted from the body unchanged.

Caffeine's stimulant action on the central nervous system is
caused by its ability to block the brain's neuroreceptors for
adenosine. Adenosine itself acts as a neuromodulator to produce
behavioral sedation in several areas of the brain by inhibiting
the release of neurotransmittors. By inhibiting adenosine's
sedative effects, caffeine causes stimulation.

Low doses of about 200 mg of caffeine cause reduced drowsiness
and fatigue in most individuals. The stimulant effect on
skeletal muscles increases the body's ability to perform
physically exhausting work for longer periods of time. The same
dose of 200 mg keeps most people awake longer and causes sleep
disturbances. Caffeine's stimulant qualities caused the National
Academy of Sciences' Institute of Medicine to recommend ways to
add caffeine to U.S. soldiers' rations. Since caffeine might
give an athlete an unfair advantage, the U.S. Olympic Committee
considers it a "performance enhancer", and regularly screens
athletes for the drug. -

from a paper presented at Penn State University
by Robert L. Badgett

" The incestuous relationship between government and big
business thrives in the dark." Jack Anderson

10. Links to My Friends

Visit the links page on our website to get the latest links to
both coffee related and unrelated sites of interest. Check it
out. You might find some old friends and make some new ones.

"When two men in business always agree, one of them is
unnecessary." William Wordsworth

11. Feedback

Tell me what you think. What do you want more of..less of...what
would you change, add, or delete?

Please direct all inquiries, comments, article submissions and
suggestions to: Robert Badgett

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