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Welcome to Badgett's Coffee eJournal
"All the Coffee That's Fit to Print"
Volume 1, No. 21 - October 13, 2000

In This Issue:

1. Welcome
2. Some Words from Our Sponsors
3. The Espresso Machine: Centerpiece of Your Coffee Bar
by Al Genasco
4. A Daily Dose of Wisdom from the Rebbe
5. Free Kona Coffee Seeds
6. Home Roasting.Popper vs Hearthware Precision Roast, by Ted
7. Poor coffee quality hits world prices
8. Response to "Did You Know" Article, by Gary Talboy
9. Finca Hartmann in Panama
10. Classified Ads Section
11. Links to My Friends
12. Feedback


1. Welcome

Welcome, my friends, and thank you for subscribing.

We have some great articles this week. Please excuse their long
windiness, but they contain good information. Thank you to a
kind reader, Joni, who sent some of the quotations I used this
week. You know how I like to sprinkle quotations around.

Anyone going to Las Vegas in February for Coffee Fest? I will be
there, so stop me in the aisle or classroom and say hello. I'll
have more on Coffee Fest in later issues.

If you're in the coffee biz or you are contemplating getting
into the coffee biz, (aren't we all?) take a look at the article
on espresso machines.

Home roasters will enjoy more comparison of corn poppers and
Hearthware Precision Roast.

Gary Talboy completes his critique of an article that appeared
here in Issue #1. If you do not have that issue, please contact
me and I will send it to you.

Check out the Classified Ad Section for some used coffee
equipment. This section is just beginning, but I think it will
be a regular feature for you, whether you're interested in
equipment for your business or for your home.

Please join with me in hoping and praying for an end to the
violence in Israel. Golda Meir said something just after the
1948 War of Independence that has recently come to mind. She was
speaking to the Arab people when she said; "Some day we will
forgive you for killing our sons, but we will never forgive you
for causing us to kill your sons."

If you would like any past issue, please email me and I will
send it to you or anyone else.

My goal with this journal is to promote good coffee. I want to
learn, educate, and entertain. I publish every Friday via email
and readers include coffee consumers, home roasters, coffee
geeks, retailers, growers, roasters, and equipment dealers. If
you want to learn more about our most wonderful beverage, this
is the place. I don't sell anything and subscription is free.

If you want to advertise here or submit an article, contact me.
I don't charge for ads, links, or advice. My deadline for ads
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DISCLAIMER: All information contained here is obtained by
Badgett's Coffee eJournal from sources believed to be accurate
and reliable. Because of the possibility of human and mechanical
error as well as other factors, neither Badgett's Coffee
eJournal nor its publisher, Robert L. Badgett, is responsible
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2. Some Words From Our Sponsors

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Sip and Reflect Quote of the Week:

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"Autumn is a second spring when every leaf's a flower."
Albert Camus

3. The Espresso Machine: Centerpiece of Your Coffee Bar
by Al Genasco

Okay, so you are ready to open a coffee bar or want to add one
to your existing operation.
Fine. I am glad you do. I am sure then that you are well aware
of the fact that the centerpiece of such an undertaking is the
Espresso machine.
So you get in the mood, shall we say, to go out and purchase an
espresso machine, hopefully THE machine that will help your
establishment gain enough respectability to attract more
customers, generate more sales, become very popular and maybe,
down the road, open another store, followed by a third one and
then.ohh.. ..uuhhh .IPO !?!? WOW ! what a genius this guy is !
He is the King of the brew. He dominates in his field. That's
it. He has arrived. He made it. You can't top that! God bless
him. End of story with a happy conclusion, right ???
Well.That is definitely a course of action many pursue which can
certainly become the realization of yet another American dream,
but, like I said, you still have to get geared up and in the
mood to go out and purchase the Espresso machine, before all of
the above can really happen.

When buying an Espresso Machine consider the following basic
suggestions :

1. So much hype has been raised about Service.service here,
service there.

Service being the most important factor when buying a machine.
That is not true and I do not agree with rest of the pack out
there who simply jack up the price of the machine simply because
they tell you that they stand behind their machine with the
service here..service there recital. If you are concerned
about service, there are Service Contracts that you can examine.
A service contract may cost you $ 200 or $ 300 per year. That
surely beats the $ 3,000 or even $ 4,000 some companies charge
you extra on the original price of a 2 or 3 group machine, just
because they promise you service. REMEMBER THIS SIMPLE PHRASE:
PRICE TO QUALITY RATIO. The fancy design and the complex
architecture of their electronics do not necessarily make a good
cup of espresso or cappuccino (more on this later). LOOK.!
Here's what you should pay for a good machine : if you paid
between $ 2,800 and 3,200 for a 2 Group Semi-Automatic machine
and $ 3,200 to $ 3,800 for an electronic, automatic 2 Group
then YOU paid just about the RIGHT PRICE.

We are talking about good size machines here, with good capacity
copper boilers of 8-12 liters - 2 steam wands - one hot water
tap - automatic water filler - filter and installation included
together with a one year guarantee on parts and 90 days parts &

2) Buy from a reputable Company who has been in business at
least 10 or more years. If you buy directly from the
Manufacturer, be prepared to do the installation yourself and
meticulously follow the manufacturer's instructions.

Pay attention to the procedures involved in connecting the
machine to clean, filtered water and the voltage/amperage/phase
in your electrical connection box (or outlet), which must match
the voltage/amperage/phase of the espresso machine. Continue to
follow the instructions' manual which should specify how to turn
on the machine - how long to wait before brewing espresso or
steaming cappuccino for the first time - how to make your
favorite brews - how to clean the machine - whether to turn the
machine off at night or not (I recommend to leave the machine
always on, day and night for decades or until you get a new
machine) - what to do at the end of the day to clean your
machine and other important tips that will help you get the most
of your purchase.

3) Now do not think that just because you have purchased a heavy
duty espresso machine you are now home free to becoming the
talk of the town about serving the best espresso or cappuccino
in a fifty mile radius. Oh no.! It's not that simple. In order
to become the best shot in a fifty mile radius you need now to
prove that YOU are the best shot in a 50 miles radius.

Try to establish rules about how and with what YOU will run your
operation. Start, for example, with the following key elements:


a) Pick the best espresso beans money can buy. If you skip on
quality, you will pay in attendance (your customers' attendance
inside your store, that is). Buying this espresso over that one
just because this is cheaper can be compared to getting a car
without windshield, wheels, doors and essential engine parts
from a junkyard and getting a brand new Mercedes from a
reputable dealer. Oh yes! You are saving a lot of money, but you
are not going anywhere.

Do not buy pitch black over roasted beans, which leave a bitter,
pungent taste in yours or anybody else's mouth. These over
roasted beans have lost all their good properties. That's right!
Most of the good essential oils and chemical components that
were part of the bean before the roasting process have now been
burned up. Up in smoke, my friend! All you are left with is a
product that resembles charcoal or a burned up peanut and the
resemblance to it is in both the color and the taste. Puh!

Buy instead beans with a brown to dark brown color. Dry at the
touch. Not oily or at least with a very few, if any, minuscule
droplets of oil which are barely visible. More importantly pay
attention at the brew that these beans produce. Look for a very
dark, blackish, dense liquid (espresso) coming out of the
portafilter in the very first seconds of the brewing process.
This is the very first slim stream (it is supposed to be a
stream and not drops) that will hit the bottom of the espresso
cup. This black slim stream must be followed by a larger flow of
brownish, dense brew outflow (this is the crema) which will last
between 12 and 20 seconds. This will fill the cup with between
1.5 to 2.7 ozs. of fresh brewed espresso (now let's not be
tediously fastidious about these figures, which may vary
slightly). Next is the palate test. I told you already: it does
not matter how eccentric, appealing or attractive your espresso
machine looks, 0r for that matter how original the china in
which you serve your espresso is. If you put in your mouth and
you feel that you can't swallow it.or that your very first
encounter with that concoction is of a wrinkling lips
nature.well..That's it! You have failed the palate test.
Espresso is supposed to be pleasantly sweet to the palate. You
may have tried espresso many times, but you may have never
experienced real espresso. When you drink real espresso for the
first time, you know you have finally found the real espresso.
Let's say you probably had espresso with an attitude and now you
have found espresso with a good character. That's exactly it:
Espresso is coffee with a good character, not an attitude : it
is not supposed to sting or bite you, but rather it should
captivate your whole being with delicate nuances of sensational
flavors and aromas that you have never experienced before. And
the next time you want an espresso you will expect to receive
and experience the same exact sensations, which were acquired
and stored in your memory the very first time. But just because
it is an excellent beverage, the gracefulness of real espresso
inherently lets you know that you can't have 12 or 16 ozs. of it
in one shot. Yet real espresso will addict the average drinker
to look for 2 or 3 shots a day spaced a few hours apart (morning
after lunch - late afternoon). Surprisingly the caffeine
content in one shot of espresso is much less that the caffeine
content in one 12-oz. cup of regular American Joe. So if you
switched from a few cup of Joes a day to a few espresso a day,
you would actually ingest less caffeine.

More Next Week

Al Genasco


4. A Daily Dose of Wisdom from the Rebbe
-Words and condensation by Tzvi Freeman


Mockery is the prime weapon of the dark impulses within Man. It
is the prime obstacle to moving forward and upward -the thought
that perhaps people will say, "Why are you behaving today
differently than you did yesterday? Weren't you good enough
then? Are you really so great today?"

And the most powerful mocker is the one within your own self.

When you start something you know is good and right, and you
hear a voice inside saying, "Hold it! Who do you think you are
to take on such a lofty noble path? Hypocrite! Don't you
remember what you were involved in just a moment ago?"

--know that what you did a moment ago is irrelevant. All that
matters is what you will do right now.

Any voice that comes to prevent you from progressing forward--no
matter how justified its case may be -any such voice is a voice
of destruction and decay, not of growth and life.

Brought to you by

"America is a land where a citizen will cross the ocean to fight
for democracy, and won't cross the street to vote in a national
election." Bill Vaughan

5. Free Kona Coffee Seeds

If you missed our offer, please contact me and ask for Issue
#20. It has instructions for ordering your seeds and for growing
them into you own mini coffee plantation.

My seeds have not germinated yet. How about yours? One reader
just told me his had just begun to sprout, so I will persevere.
I'll keep you informed.

"Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it
is thinking that makes what we read ours." John Locke

6. Home Roasting: Popper vs Hearthware Precision Roast (HWP)
by Ted
Comparison of popular home roasters continued

I moved from hot-air poppers to a series of home-built machines
that I designed and built in response to my perceptions of the
shortcomings of poppers. So you might expect me to denigrate
hot-air poppers, but this is not the case.

I can honestly say that I haven't made a quantum leap in coffee
quality moving from my Poppery II to these other machines I have
100's of hours invested in. I can roast more coffee, a lot more,
and that was important to me. Most importantly I have control
over airflow and temp... I'm obsessive and I like to tweak it
'til it squeaks. But frankly, the cup isn't THAT much better
than my Poppery II, and I don't expect it to be.

Because hot-air poppers, used correctly and in proper working
order, produce roasted coffee that is excellent. People have
moved to the HWP and its ilk for many reasons but coffee quality
shouldn't have been one of them. In fact my humble Poppery II
required me to rapidly cool by manually shaking the beans from
colander to colander... thereby avoiding one possible fault of
the HWP, i.e., extended cooling with a flattened taste profile.
So it's possible that when one makes a switch from the hot-air
popper to a HWP-like machine, coffee quality might even suffer.

Can't speak to convenience since I don't have one, but I think
its a cardinal rule of home roasting that NO roaster is 'set and
forget' regardless of manufacturer's or retailer's hype to the
contrary. So since the HWP and its ilk doesn't deal with smoke
issues and the timer doesn't make it 'point and shoot', then I
for one don't see any benefits other than pride of ownership.
The important point is that there probably won't be an
improvement in coffee quality from fluid bed popper to fluid

Just my $.02.

"I find television very educational. Every time someone turns
on the set, I go into the other room and read a book."
Groucho Marx

7. Poor coffee quality hits world prices

Coffee experts have warned that producers need to urgently start
improving the product quality if price -on the world markets is
to increase.

A series of documents sent to the Business Week indicated that
the international coffee industry was in crisis, and even
proposals such as the coffee retention plan put forward by the
Association of Coffee Producing Countries (ACPC) will not be
successful if they do not address the chronic problems facing
the industry.

So far, the ACPC, plan has led to little or no improvement in
prices. Only fears of a bad frost affecting the Brazilian
harvest improved prices for a short while. Coffee is one of the
few products on the world market, which does not adhere to
normal supply and demand rules if prices fall which cuts then

However, the consequence of rapidly falling prices throughout
most of the 1990s has been a fall in the quality of the coffee
products as farmers are unable to take a good care of their
plants as they have done in. the past. The downward spiral of
deteriorating prices and falling quality looks set to continue
unless urgent action is taken across the industry to address the
issue, experts warn.

The European Specialty coffee Association (SCAE) says that
theory action that can be taken in the short term is to withdraw
poor quality coffee from the world market.

An additional problem in the medium to long term is that it
would be the farmers themselves who would have to bear the cost
of raising the standard of improving the quality of coffee
exports, and many simply do not have the money to do so.

Although in the long term, farmers would benefit from the
increased prices paid for a quality product, it could prove
impossible to bring about unless government subsidies were

For cash-strapped countries such as Kenya, which are under
stringent IMF loan conditions, this may prove impossible to

But coffee experts believe that action must be taken soon or the
industry will face crisis. "If we are not careful, the social
unrest caused by lousy economics returns on coffee and
unfulfilled expectations will tear the coffee producing
countries apart," one analyst said.

The issue is of concern across the industry with big firms such
as Nestle also backing proposals to improve the quality of the

(Financial Times)


8. Response to "Did You Know" Article in Issue #1
by Gary Talboy, continued from last week

1. QUESTIONS: Those questions I originally asked the author to
answer, and continued to ask as he continued to refuse to
respond with responsible answers.

which I added after two months or trying to get the author to
stand behind his article.


AUTHOR'S STATEMENT: "Did you realize young GIANT TREES need
'MAMA GIANTS' and 'PAPA GIANTS' to protect them as they grow?
With out this environmental cover, there will be no new GIANT

QUESTION: How does this work? Would you have the reader
believe that a one-acre clear cut in the jungle returns to its
original state more slowly than would say a Douglas Fir forest
in North America? If're wrong.

AUTHOR'S STATEMENT: Did you realize that over 80% of the
remaining TREES in the mountain tropics exist because they still
have Arabica coffee plants growing underneath them?

QUESTION: -What is the logic here?
-How is this calculated? What is the origin of this
preposterous statistic?
-Are you saying that 80% of all remaining trees in the mountain
tropics have Arabica coffee growing under them?
COMMENT: Even this statement would represents a ridiculous
exaggeration than any person with even a basic understanding of
tropical jungle around the world would find laughable.

AUTHOR'S STATEMENT: Did you realize that hybrid coffee plants
have been developed by the corporations, which do not need the
TREE shade essential to Arabica coffee plants?

OUESTION:- Who are a few of these evil corporations that have
developed hybrid coffee plants?

COMMENT: The vast majority of today's Hybrids were developed by
Government programs within the producing countries, not by
"Corporations", evil or otherwise.

AUTHOR'S STATEMENT: Did you realize this allows the corporations
to 'quick harvest' timber and replant with these flavorless
coffee hybrids in their place, then slip them into your coffee
unmentioned or in blends or Robustas?

QUESTION: - Are you saying that the same corporations that
developed the hybrids also farm trees?
Are you saying that all hybrids are flavorless, or only the
hybrids developed by Corporations are flavorless?
What are a few (or even one) hybrid that is flavorless?
Is the reader to understand that the same corporations that
develop hybrids and farm trees also "slip" flavorless hybrids
into coffee blends.
How does one go about "slipping" a flavorless hybrid coffee into
a Robusta?
COMMENT: The concept that hybrids produce "flavorless" coffee
can only be promoted by someone who is either extremely ignorant
or bent on deception. Isolated "Varieties" of Arabica have been
shown to exhibit "different" flavor characteristics. Some
believe that "subjectively" the "Typica" Variety and "Bourbon
Mutation" of Typica have more desirable flavor profiles than a
number of higher yield or disease resistant varieties, and all
experienced cuppers would agree that this is a subjective
opinion. A truly "flavorless" coffee would be difficult to

AUTHOR'S STATEMENT: Did you realize that people without their
TREES lose their native food supplies, water supply, building
materials, their traditional ways - and become more dependent on
the western corporate cultural system?

Did you realize that the price paid to traditional coffee
producers for their coffee cherries is so, low, that they are
just barely able to survive economically, and in essence, work
as slave labor? "Can't afford to pick them and can't afford to
let them drop!"
QUESTION: I must assume that you are not just making this up
as you go along. You must have gathered some primary data to
make this claim.yes? Please share some of this data.from where
it was it is documented?
QUESTION: What was the price being paid to traditional producers
for cherries in a few specific countries? -Who was paying this
QUESTION: How do you define a "traditional" coffee producer.
Would this be a producer of more than one generation, two
generations, or what other criteria do you use?
QUESTION: Are you suggesting that the coffee you sell is
somehow exempt from the influences that cause farmers to receive
less for their coffee than they should? If so how?

COMMENT: Price paid to farmers for cherry varies based upon
fluctuations of the Commodities "C" price and competitive
influences within each producing country and each micro-economy
within those countries. Predatory middlemen and or Exporters
who simply pay as little as necessary are the primary reasons
farmers do not receive more. This has absolutely nothing to do
with "wet or water processing" (Washed) or "dry processing"
(Natural) coffees. Universally, naturals bring lower prices
than the same volume of coffee from water processing mills.

AUTHOR'S STATEMENT: Did you realize that there are Government
Supported Programs that pay hungry and desperate landholders to
burn themselves out? For the peasant, it is better than starving
and for the corporate land mongers, it's cheaper than NAPALM and
Bombers. A high cost lesson learned in Viet Nam!

QUESTION: This is fascinating. Program(s) is plural, so there
are at least two or more that you know of, and you would not
make such a claim unless you had evidence that this actually
happened. Please tell me where are these programs and what is
the government that is supporting them?

OPINION: Even if you could find an exceptional example of such
a thing happening, that fact that you would use such an isolated
incident of inhumanity, implying it is a common occurrence
somehow in conjunction with coffee production in order to sell
your coffee above others, is deplorable and an insult to the
intelligence of readers and consumers everywhere!

AUTHOR'S STATEMENT: Did you realize that TREES are what keep
folks from starving? After the TREES are removed, the only thing
peasant landholders can do to feed their families, is 'sell their land'.

OBSERVATION: Are you not aware that nearly every vegetable
crop in Central and South America (other Tropical countries as
well) is grown in full sun before it is exported to the U.S. for
sale in supermarkets? These farmers have no trees.and they are
not starving! Why is this?

AUTHOR'S STATEMENT: Did you realize that the western corporate
cultural system controls and sets the "price" paid to the people
for their products and the 'hidden agenda' of this same system
wants the only thing in this world that they aren't making any
more of..... LAND!

What is the "western corporate cultural system"? How
is it different from Capitalism?
Would it be safe to say this includes all business
enterprises outside of Socialism?
Are all corporations involved in this system, and if not
which are and which are not?
How exactly does the "western corporate cultural system"
control and set the price paid to people for their products?
Please explain the mechanism of this phenomena as it
relates to coffee?
Are you suggesting that this "system" pays low prices in
an effort go buy land later?
If so, please give examples of a significant amount of
"treeless" land the "system" purchased
after it destroyed the economy of the people living on it.

OBSERVATION: This statement is so absolutely absurd and
unsupportable it is a disgrace to our entire industry that we
actually have an industry member that is either so ignorant or
so irrational as to make such a statement. If you had even a
small understanding of how the economic coffee culture in
producing countries functions you would be embarrassed to make
such an inflammatory statement in efforts to manipulate people
into buying "your" coffee over others. This goes for the
following statement below as well.

OPINION: You should be ashamed!

Gary Talboy
Specialty Coffee Consultants

Next Week:
More of Mr. Talboy's analysis of the "Did You Know" Article

Robert's Note: Please contact me for Issue #1 if you need it.

"Statistics are to baseball what a flaky crust is to Mom's apple
pie." Harry Reasoner

9. Finca Hartmann in Panama

FINCA HARTMANN. Producing organic shade coffee and preserving
bird habitat.

We manage our two farms to conserve the environment and provide
a home to over 271 species of native and migratory birds.

The farms are partially planted in shade coffee, partly forested
and partly dedicated to other organic crop.
The elevation of the farms ranges from 4000 to 6500 providing
for variety of habitats and great biodiversity.
The range of elevation is ideal for fine coffee using time-
honored methods. We produce arabica typica and caturra coffee,
which have achieved acceptance in the specialty market. By
returning the coffee pulp to the plantation as a soil amendment,
and producing symbro, and organic fertilizer, we avoid using
insecticides and fungicides.

With these methods we can offer healthier produce including
green peppers, naranjillas, plantain, and tomatoes, in addition
to coffee.

At our small coffee processing operation where the coffee is
processed by hand and dried in the sun, you have the opportunity
to taste, select, and enjoy our fine coffees.

We offer more than 10 km. of trails for the enjoyment of
ecotourists, passing through both the shade coffee and the
surrounding forests.

The trails give you ideal access for bird watching, botanizing,
or simply enjoying the neotropical ecosystem. If you choose to
stay the night, we offer comfortable accommodations in either a
large bunkhouse or a cozy cabin. We promise that your visit will
be an experience you won't soon forget.

At Finca Hartmann we have done things differently because we are
proud of our rich heritage and want to share it with you,
either through our coffee or other fine products, or in person
at our beautiful farm.

Finca Hartmann is located in Santa Clara in western Chiriqui in
Panama, on the road between Volcan and Rio Sereno.

Visit our website at.
or contact us by e-mail at

"Any government, like any family, can for a year spend a little
more than it earns. But you and I know that a continuance of
that habit means the poorhouse." Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1932

10. Classified Ads Section

This is a new section that is experimental, so bear with me
while I see what works best. I want to see if it is worthwhile
to you. This section will match buyers and sellers of used
coffee equipment of all kinds. Use it to buy or sell grinders,
brewers, and roasters, residential or commercial, big or small.
Be brief and concise in your description and I suggest you give
a price if you are selling, but that is up to you. Send your
items "Want to Buy," or "For Sale" to me at the following email

Please let me know if you want your email address published, or
if you would prefer I forward inquiries to you.

There is no charge for this service, and no liability either way
on my part. I want this section to serve as a forum for buyers
and sellers. Any warranty as to fitness of purpose, pricing, and
shipping will be arranged directly between buyer and seller.


Want to Buy - Used small batch drum style coffee roaster.
1 to 15 Kg per batch size (or there abouts).
e-mail Phone 865 981-9316 (evenings)
Fax 865 981-9319


Beautiful 1989 Probat L-5 coffee roaster (S/N# 89-40333). 5 Kilo
(up to 11 pounds per batch) drum coffee shop roaster. Color is
forest green with gold trim and a polished brass cover over the
roasting drum. It is in like new condition & appearance.

The unit includes bean temperature and roaster temperature
probes with digital readouts that were professionally and
tastefully installed. The LED readouts are mounted on the right
side front of the roaster.

Asking price is $13,500 (US$) as is, where is. Buyer responsible
for pickup and transportation. The roaster is available for
inspection between 8AM and 4PM, Monday - Friday at our roasting
plant located in Madison, Wisconsin.

For further information, please contact:

George Krug
Ancora Coffee Roasters
931 E. Main Street
Madison, WI 53703


Cimbali 2 group semi-auto, reconditioned, in perfect working
condition, 220 Volts - Color: beige Price US $ 1,800. - Plus
La Spaziale 2 group semi-auto, reconditioned, good workhorse,
tested OK, 220 Volts, Price US $ 1,400.- plus shipping.

GENSACO Virtually Brand New 2 Groups - Excellent steam and brew
delivery, automatic water fill, 1/4 turn steam knob for maximum
steam delivery. These machine are floor models, used only for
demonstration. You can get them for US $ 2,800.- Semi or
automatic, 220 V.

Coffee Grinders $ 350. - $ 400. -


Nuova Simonelli Mac Automatic One Group Brand New in Crate!
$ 2200. plus shipping
Also Nuova Simonelli Mac Automatic One Group Demo Unit $1700
plus shipping

Nuova Simonelli Mac SemiAutomatic One Group Demo Unit $1500
plus shipping

Located in Cleveland, OH for details

"Rather go to Bed supperless than rise in Debt."
Benjamin Franklin, 1758

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